Jessie Derogy is an experimental designer based in The Netherlands. She obtained a MA in Contextual Design at Design Academy Eindhoven in 2017. Her practice is motivated by a critical approach toward the design field, (production, meanings, representations, aesthetics). Her way to work gives her the ability to play within her contemporary context, taking each new project as an opportunity to counter rules of her field. She uses object as a medium to raise questions, to positioned herself within the design practice. Being able to ignore the formal conventions of the object design field allows her to explore and develop new stories and aesthetics.
The result of her practice oscillates between “functional sculpture” and “sculptural object”, blurring boundaries between art and design. She aims to push further her discipline, expressing the statement that nothing can be taken for granted or settled in a world that moves and evolves at a high speed.

                                                                                 +33 6 76 52 48 68